The colors of my life

The following photos summarize 3 days of my recent week:

A walk on Bedford Ave., Brooklyn –

Bedford Ave., Brooklyn

Working on my pomp homework –

Arduino at work

Shopping with my parents in mid-town Manhattan –


Recurring photos in my photos

A quick look at my photos made it very clear that the recurring colors in them are different tones of grey, black (or other dark colors), and brown.

After looking at broader spectrum of photos I took during the recent days, it is very clear that the unrepeated colors are the green, ceylon, and pink.


Colors as a reflection for my life

At this point, it is very hard to me to say if the recurring colors in my photos reflect my interests and / or my ideals. I recently moved to NYC from Tel-Aviv. Not only that the colors of my day-to-day life changed, but also my day-to-day activities. From walking to work on the Green and blooming Rothschild Boulevard, and spending most of my day at the office, to commuting to NYU near from Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, through the Subway, to spending the rest of my day on the ITP floor.

So I guess I could say that the recurring colors in my photos, comparing to the colors on older photos I took, reflect the change I had in my life, and my new (creative) environment.

My life in colors


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