Programming and the creator syndrome

I started to program a couple of years ago. My initial motivation was the constant need to build products and execute new ideas. After few years of working with groups of developers, I decided that I would like to prototype my own ideas.

It was only later when I realized how limited my view was about my own projects. The understanding of the technical aspects of the products I was working on, no only provided a straight-forward framework to each project, which unlocked my creativity, but also inspired new ideas that were suddenly possible with the rise of new technologies, or could challenge current technologies (which was even more exciting).

After building my first projects, and getting users to use them, it was clear to me what the term ‘maker’ was all about. The ability to create new things, not matter what they are, distincts you, in away, from other people. You are now the creator, the living person who can give birth to new ideas, and to shape them along the process. Being a maker (or a creator) has a lot of power to it.

The ‘hello itp’ project


This project was developed for a group presentation we’ve done a couple of days ago. It’s purpose was to give our class the feeling of how special it is that we’re together at the same time in the place (even if it’s a virtual space).

Using p5.js, sockets.io, and node.js server, we were able to provide an entertaining experience for the entire class.
We actually developed two versions of this experience:

  1. One that suites ±60 people using it at the same time, and can be found here.
  2. One that suites ±2-3 people, for home usage, and can be found here.

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